Curry Potato Puff (Frozen) 马铃薯咖喱卜

Curry Potato Puff is a traditional tapas with a Southeast Asian flavor. Curry Potato Puff is handmade by us. And all of our main curry puffs are based on a thousand layers of skin. In the market, you may see less curry puff made with a thousand layers of skin. Mainly potato-based, adding potato and curry powder sauteed stuffing, crispy appearance, soft and dense taste.

咖喱卜是一款非常有东南亚风味的传统小吃。咖喱卜都是由我们手工制作。而我们主要所有的咖喱卜都是以千层外皮为主。在市场上,可能会比较少看见以千层外皮制作的curry puff。 主要以马铃薯为主,加入马铃薯和咖喱粉炒香内馅,外表松脆,口感松软绵密。
Weight: 10 Pieces, Each 70gm