Threadfin Fish Maw (Pcs) 午鱼鳔 (片)

Fish Maw is an internal gas-filled organ found in most fish. Fish Maw can be used as an auxiliary respiratory organ to provide oxygen to fish. It is used as a raw material for seafood cooking in some Asian countries, including Chinese cuisine. The fish belly is rich in collagen, and its taste is not obvious and it has astringency. It is mainly made up of stew or fried garlic. In addition to being used as a tonic, fish gelatin can also be used for beauty and beauty.

花胶/鱼鳔是大多数鱼类中发现的内部充满气体的器官。鱼鳔可以作为辅助呼吸器官,为鱼提供氧气。 在一些亚洲国家,包括中国菜中被用作海鲜烹饪原料。鱼肚富含胶原蛋白,本身味道不明显且帶腥味,多以燉湯或爆蒜炒為主。 鱼鳔胶除可以作为滋补品以外,对女生也可以养颜美容的功效。
Weight: 100gm