Peanut Sesame Ball (Frozen)


Sesame ball are a gourmet dish, the main ingredient is dumpling powder and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The palate is soft and crisp, and the sweetness is sweet. Sesame ball has a unique flavor and is well-made. With peanut fillings, there will be a full peanut flavor. The color is golden, the taste is aromatic and crisp, soft and sticky, and the filling is sweet and delicious.

芝麻枣是一道美食,主料是汤圆粉和撒上满满的芝麻。口感膨松酥软,香糯甜美。 煎堆风味独特,制作考究。配上花生馅料,都会有满满的花生香味。色泽金黄,口感芳香酥脆,柔软粘连,馅又香甜可口。